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1776 - American Revolution
1792 - Firelands region established
1803 - Ohio admitted as a State
1813 - Perry's victory in the War of 1812 at Put In Bay
1815 - First settler in Bellevue - Mark Hopkins
1839 - Bellevue gets its name, Completion of Mad River & Lake Erie RR through Bellevue
1841 - Rally at Bellevue's Egle House for Presidential candidate Wm. H. Harrison (Tippecanoe)
1846 - Opening of the Tremont House
1846 - President James K. Polk annexed the Republic of Texas to the U. S. leading to the Mexican American War
1851 - Bellevue incorporated - population about 800 (President Millard Fillmore)
1861 - Start of the Civil War

So, the Tremont House was built only 31 years after the first settler came to Bellevue, and 15 before the Civil War began.
The Bellevue Historical Society purchased the Tremont House in 2002. In 2007, the Society was able to have a mortgage burning ceremony. Much credit goes to Bill Oddo whose book, Bellevue - A Pictorial History, published in 2005, helped to raise the funds to pay off the mortgage.

After much discussion of the needs of a museum in the present day - handicap access and bathrooms, fireproof stairway, elevator, etc. - it became evident that the Tremont House could not become a usable space without compromising the integrity of the building. It was just too small to accommodate all of the things necessary to make it usable as a public building. Therefore, in 2007, the Society purchased 102-104 North West Street which is adjacent to the Tremont house to the north. This building which has no historic value will be used for all those extra necessities so that the Tremont House can retain as much of its original configuration as possible.
The Bellevue Historical Society plans to restore the Tremont House to its original grandeur. The first floor will become a museum of Bellevue artifacts, the second floor will house an office, storage rooms and some display space, and the third floor ballroom will retain its original purpose as a meeting space for Bellevue residents.
The Society is always interested in any Bellevue related artifacts that may be donated to the museum. Photos, advertising items, products of Bellevue industry, and any other pieces from Bellevue's history are welcome. Monetary donations may be made to The Bellevue Historical Society, P.O. Box 304, Bellevue, Ohio 44811.
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