Tremont House Restoration

below are a few of the recent projects restoring the tremont house


Bellevue Historical Society has moved another step (or 2) closer

If you haven't been down downtown and noticed the lighting on the front of the Tremont House, make it a point to take note.

The Bellevue Historical Society will be posting membership/sponsorship information soon. 
Be a part of this beautiful improvement to Main St. in Bellevue, Ohio

Membership information is located here. (Please click on link below for membership info)


Fabulous News!  The Painting is Completed!
We are happy to say, the exterior painting of The Tremont House has now been completed as of October 2022.  Doesn't she look beautiful!
Our next step is to finish the interior electrical and install the HVAC system which is on-site and ready to go.


Our First Meeting Inside!
We are excited to share with everyone that we were able to conduct our first Bellevue Historical Society meeting inside the historical Tremont House on April 21, 2021 after many months of restoration. 
We have a long way to go and optomistic for the future of this grand building.





The new columns have all been installed and the front of the Tremont House is completed as of April 21, 2021, with abundant thanks to the many helping hands along the way.

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tremont house 2022
IMG 20210727 192359566 HDR
pillar installation

On Monday April 5th 2021 this is what was happening on Main St in Bellevue Ohio at the Tremont House.  The columns are now in place for the ongoing restoration project made possible by the continued support of people near and far.  Thank you
With further support of our fundraiser s and capital campaign progress will go faster.  For donation information visit our website at or for information on how to donate.  Donations can also be made online.  Thank you!

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