2016 - Annual Meeting

Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at Mary's Catering to Go, 111 N. Buckeye Street.

Russell Herner, Founding Member of the Historical Society, will present a slide program titled, Cathedrals Built by the Masons.  Color slides will show several European Cathedral interiors and exteriors.  There will be a display of several primitive tools that would have been used to build the magnificent Cathedrals of Europe.

Mr. Herner's slides help tell the story of the brilliance of the Master Builders and Craftsmen who designed and built the beautiful Masterpieces of Architecture called Cathedrals, using only primitive tools.  Cathedral buildings are a fusion of man's greatest accomplishments in the arts, sciences and humanities over the centuries.   

Russell Herner began researching cathedrals on his first trip to Europe in 1969.  He has collected primitive craft tools (and antique cars) for more than fifty years,  He was plant engineer at Dixon Ticonderoga Co. for forty-five years.  Russell has been a Mason since 1962, and his Masonic interests led to the creation of his beautiful book showcasing the great Cathedrals of Europe.
Russell and his wife, Marcia (Reitz), have three children and live in the Bellevue area.

If you missed his ElderCollege presentations, here is a chance to see and hear an exciting program in Bellevue!

Mr. Herner's book, 'Cathedrals Built by the Masons' will be available for purchase.
Cathedrals – Built By The Masons, a 240 page, hard bound book with 259 incredible photos is available now.
Cost of each book is $45 plus tax.  
For those in the Bellevue area, books may be purchased at The Golden Acorn, 106 S. West Street, Bellevue