Donate a Historical Item

We are always interested in locating items of historical nature that are directly related to Bellevue to help us build our archives about Bellevue History.  If you have old postcards, pictures or any other items you think might be of interest - please drop them off to us for evaluation.  Also, scanned images of  your items would be useful to showcase on our website to help chronicle Bellevue History which can either be emailed or mailed.

Please be aware that any time we accept a donated item, it is with the understanding that the item is donated unconditionlly to the Bellevue Historical Society, which assumes full ownership to do with as best judged by the Society's Board of Directors, without restriction as to how/when the item is displayed, used, sold, disposed of, etc.; that the Society is not obliged to permanently exhibit any any item; and that the donor, his/her heirs, family members, or any other party cannot reclaim the item at any time in the future.    For your convenience, click here to download and print a donation form.

Donate Photographs
The Historical Society maintains an extensive collection of photographs that document the history of Bellevue, Ohio.  It is important to continue adding to our collection.  If you are unable to donate an original photo, please consider bringing the photo to the Historical Society to scan and add to the collection.
Donate Videos
Video footage that is relevant to the history of Bellevue will be accepted into the collection.
Donate Documents
Diaries, letters, certificates, church records, school records, business histories, etc. that pertain to the history of Bellevue will be accepted into the collection.
Donate Memories
Oral histories are significant documents that the Historical Society will accept into the collection.
Donate Time
The Historical Society provides new horizons for volunteers of all ages, interests and degrees of professionalism.
Donate Gifts
Please consider the Bellevue Historical Society when reviewing charitable donations and estate planning.  The Bellevue Historical Society is chartered by the Ohio Department of State and the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Its major support comes from its membership fees, donations and various events.

Please Contact The Bellevue Historical Society if you care to donate.
The Bellevue Historical Society
PO Box 304
Bellevue, Ohio 44811

Office Phone:  567-228-0833