Our Society's History

Oscar Bannister with the model of the Tremont House that he made and donated.
Oscar Bannister has given The Bellevue Historical Society a wonderful model of The Tremont House with columns to the ground floor, just like they were in 1846 when the building was new.  Oscar presented his HO-scale model to the directors at their August 15 meeting. Oscar originally built the building as a square, but learned that the side on North West Street is not parallel to the east side of the building, so it took an extra month to remedy that problem so that the model would replicate the original's trapezoidal shape. Bill Oddo, John Miller and Peggy Missler from the Society helped him with information for his project. This model of The Tremont House is a great addition to the Society's collection.  It will be displayed at Society events and on special occasions.  It should help the citizens of Bellevue to appreciate The Tremont House's architectural importance and beauty. 
When it is restored, The Tremont House will be an asset to downtown Bellevue and an attraction that the community can be proud of.